Our school follows the National Curriculum 2014 for Year 1 to 6; and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework for Year R.   If you wish to find our more about the National Curriculum you can click here for a link to the Dept of Education Website or please ask at the school office for further information.

We use the Letters and Sounds Phonics Programme which aims to build children’s speaking and listening skills in the own right and you can find more information about this scheme here:

Many subjects are taught through topics where there are cross curricular connections around a topic – eg a topic on food could include science, geography, history, art, DT, computing, and of course English and maths.

As some of our classes have mixed years, we have a rolling programme for our topic work so that a pupil will not repeat the same topic. We do, however, think of our curriculum as being spiral, so skills and knowledge will be reinforced at a progressively higher level each time. 




Term 1

Term 2

 Term 3   

 Term 4  

Term 5

Term 6

Year  1/2        


Love where we live – Ashford a local study

Our school and the local area

Feeling hot, hot hot!

Great Fire of London

80 days around the world






Dungeons and Dragons       




Godinton house

Local area study / writing



Guy Fawkes

 Happy feet


 The land before time


 80 days around the UK


Year 3/4


Love where we live – Ashford a local study

Changes to Ashford. Past and present

 Aint no mountain high enough!


 80 days around the world


India and China – Shang Dynasty


The Rainforest





Godinton house

Local area study / writing


 Rome wasn’t built in a day!


 80 days around the world

New Zealand



The good, the bad and the ugly!

Vikings and the impact on Britain.


Year 5/6


Love where we live – Ashford a local study

How trains changed Ashford

 It’s all Greek to me!

Ancient Greece


 80 days around the world

North and South America


 Heal the world!

Climate zones & biomes, water cycle and coasts, water cycles and rivers,



Godinton house

Local area study / writing


 It’s a   disaster!

Volcanoes, Earthquakes etc

 80 days around the world

Arctic and Antarctic.


 From Ice to Stone

Stone Age